Project Highlights

Proposed Residential Development at Discovery Bay North Phase 16
Location: Discovery Bay, HKSAR

Interiors and Special Projects

Hsin Chong Interiors and Special Projects (ISP) business has recorded significant growth since its establishment in 2006. We have a strong position in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing and other cities in Mainland China, as well as a proven track record and good reputation for delivering projects that exceed clients’ expectations.

The combination of our breadth of capability and depth of technical expertise makes us a market leader. We are a licensed contractor, a registered general building contractor and a registered specialist contractor (demolition works, site formation works, repair and restoration of historic buildings works) offering a complete solution, from planning, design, consultancy, project management through construction, to turn-key interior design and fitting out, A&A, demolition, renovation, conservation and maintenance works. Partnering with Hsin Chong Group Holdings Limited, we are also eligible to carry out works in the Group I Turn-Key Interior Design and Fitting-Out Specialist Contractor’s list.

Moreover, an integral part of our business is the construction of special building projects and very often, such projects include customised fitting out works.

Our scope of services includes:
• Alteration and Addition Works
• Renovation and Conservation Works
• Fitting-out Works for Commercial Projects
• Commercial, Residential, Retail and Institutional Special Buildings Projects
• Construction Works
• Demolition Works
• Maintenance Works

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